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Our clients come from diverse backgrounds, industries, experiences, and points of view. Each orient around these values in a unique way, but all share the goal of elevating humanity through their efforts. Our clients are leveraging the innovations and opportunities created by capitalism as a powerful tool to solve systemic problems, uplift communities, empower people, and support efforts with both local and global impact.

Meet Lindy Laurence

Lumin Law was founded by Lindy Laurence, a second-career attorney who understands the unique legal challenges of being a small business owner. From startups and growth companies, to nonprofit organizations and academic institutions, Lindy brings the deep knowledge, resources, and relationships she’s built over the years to her work as an attorney. She leverages this experience into smart, custom legal solutions that work to her client’s advantage.Lindy brings a powerful combination of legal knowledge and industry experience to her work. As an entrepreneurial strategist and creative problem solver, Lindy is committed to meeting the evolving needs of the clients she serves. Her organizational experience allows her to work alongside entrepreneurs and C-suite executives to provide practical guidance and sustainable solutions, all grounded in the reality of today’s business environment.Lindy personally knows the potential for good business to improve the human condition. She believes that economic empowerment is fundamental to transformative social change and is dedicated to creating opportunities for the many enterprising business owners who inspire her with their ingenuity and grit. When she’s not immersed in legal work or volunteering in the community, Lindy spends time with her fabulous teenagers, who keep her centered, grounded, and in touch with what matters most in life.If you’re looking for an attorney who will value your business like her own, who understands the challenges of being a small business owner, and who is committed to using capitalism for positive social change, please reach out and connect.
Education and Professional Affiliations
J.D., University of Washington School of Law, Gates Public Service Law ScholarMember, Washington State Bar AssociationMember, WSBA Taxation SectionMember, WSBA Business Law Section
Community Involvement
Volunteer Attorney, Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, UW Law (2020-Present)Small Business Coach, Ventures (2019-Present)Member, Access to Justice Board (2016-Present)