Lumin Law is committed to the success of our clients. We focus on growth, sustainability, and long-term strategies, providing our clients with affordable, efficient, and effective solutions that are aligned with their goals and values. 
We thrive on helping our clients tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities they face in today's competitive and fast-paced business environment.

Targeted focus

Lumin Law is passionate about working with small business owners, and it shows. We are laser focused on the specific legal needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Compared to the catch-all approach of many firms, Lumin Law's targeted focus offers you the benefit of significant accumulated knowledge in the areas most relevant to your business.
As a boutique practice centered around business and tax law, Lumin Law can meet all the legal needs of your growing business. And when the need arises, Lumin Law can connect you to attorneys with specialized skills, such as a patent lawyer. We'll leverage our understanding of your business to effectively engage outside counsel, prioritize their work, and help you manage costs. 

Personalized Approach

Business advising is not a "one-size fits all" game. The challenges may be similar, but the objectives and optimum strategies vary significantly among different types of owners and businesses.
When you work with Lumin Law, you benefit from relevant legal knowledge grounded in real-world experience. We understand the commercial realities our clients face and are able to deliver timely, on-point advice.
Whether you're developing your idea or taking your business to the next level, Lumin Law can customize a strategy to meet your legal needs and keep your company growing strong.

Stronger relationships

At Lumin Law, we're focused on delivering personalized counsel to the clients that we can help best.  
Strong relationships are based on mutual respect and shared values. Lumin Law’s guiding purpose is to elevate humanity through our work. We fulfill that purpose by practicing the virtues of being good, ethical, noble, and heroic in all we do.
Our clients orient around these virtues in unique ways, but all share the goal of making the world a better place. Lumin Law prioritizes working with mission-driven business owners who leverage innovations and opportunities as a powerful tool to solve systemic problems, uplift communities, and empower people. 
Together, we can evolve our world.

Growth Oriented Pricing

We're focused on what works best for growing companies. Lumin Law’s nimble, entrepreneurial approach to doing business allows us to offer growth-friendly, flexible fee options. 
Choose from project-based support, limited engagement, or ongoing concierge-level legal counsel. You always know exactly what to expect with our hands-on, customized engagements. 
This avoids unpleasant surprises, keeping your attention — and your resources — focused on more important business matters.

Pricing Designed Around You

Lumin Law’s flexible, affordable approach to legal services allows us to develop a legal plan that is cohesive, sustainable, and aligned with your business goals.

Project-Based Support

Lumin Law provides an estimate outlining the scope of work and related fees. You select the legal services you need, aligned with your budget and goals.

Limited Engagement

Ideal for short-term needs, Lumin Law will curate a suite of services that fits the particular needs of your business.

Concierge-Level Legal Services

Engage Lumin Law for your ongoing legal needs. The value of this approach compounds over time as we internalize your values and develop a deep understanding of your business.

Focused on Your Needs

Project-Based Support

Lumin Law's project-based support allows you to pick and choose your legal services, paying only for what you need at the time.
This is ideal for discrete legal needs, such as:
  • Business formations and conversions
  • Annual corporate governance matters
  • Licensing agreements
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Negotiating and drafting real estate and equipment leases
  • Standard contracts, like advisor,  non-disclosure, and independent contractor agreements

Limited Engagement

Engage Lumin Law to address a specific legal need or business opportunity.
Our limited engagement model works well for a range of legal needs, including:
  • Developing business opportunities, like joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • Succession planning and business transitions
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial contracts
  • Business financing and fundraising, securities compliance, exempt offerings
  • Tax planning and advice for C-corps, S-corps, LLCs, and tax-exempt orgs
  • Recruiting and hiring employees, employment agreements, employee handbook

Concierge-Level Legal Services

Lumin Law provides ongoing legal counsel at a level that makes sense for you. With Lumin Law integrated into your team, you get an attorney who knows your business intimately and can anticipate and promptly respond to your legal needs.
This approach works best for clients who desire the convenience and benefit of in-house counsel on a part-time basis. Lumin Law examines your legal needs and assembles a comprehensive suite of services to meet your company’s regular and ongoing legal needs.
Lumin Law offers concierge-level legal services on an invite-only basis to clients who will benefit most from the advantages this engagement type offers.

The Lumin Way

Whatever engagement model works best for your business, all our clients benefit from Lumin Law’s innovative approach to legal services, our white-glove client services experience, and our commitment to helping your business thrive and grow.
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