Welcome to Lumin LawLumin Law is a boutique law practice dedicated to helping mission-driven entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. Focused on the unique needs of founders and small business owners, Lumin Law helps you navigate the challenges and opportunities of building a business. Lumin Law provides exceptional legal counsel. But our value goes beyond that. We get to know our clients and develop a deep understanding of your business. As a result, we can anticipate legal issues, craft creative solutions, and leverage legal functions to keep your business growing strong.

Our proactive approach sets you up for success.

And when businesses succeed, families thrive, communities rise, and economic empowerment fuels transformative social change.

About Lumin LawLumin Law’s guiding purpose is to elevate humanity through our efforts. That means doing business in a way that better reflects where we are in the human journey, that meets the needs of our world today, and that fulfills the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world. At Lumin Law, we believe entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool for social cooperation and human progress. Our work is guided by four virtues.Our ServicesEntrepreneurship is a way of examining the world and taking responsibility for what you perceive is missing, trusting that you have something essential to provide to the world. Our clients are driven by this solid sense of purpose, motivated to start something from scratch, willing to endure the tremendous hardships and late nights associated with such bold aspirations. Innovators, trailblazers, creators, and artists, our clients don’t take a conventional approach and neither do we. Lumin Law brings a fresh perspective to legal services, one that is focused on adding value to your company. Using a flexible, flat-fee model for growth-oriented legal support, Lumin Law is able to meet each client’s individual needs and budget.