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When to Call Your Business Attorney
| Business |
Entrepreneurs are scrappy and independent. But that doesn't mean you should always go it alone! Reaching out to your business attorney at the right time will help you reach your goals faster and avoid common legal mistakes.
Tax Treatment of Business Entities
| BusinessTax |
Founders face two key decisions when forming their company: the choice of entity type, and the federal tax classification. This post explores how federal income tax laws impact different business entities.
Developing a Remote Work Model
| BusinessEmploymentTax |
Businesses with a wandering workforce must navigate a complex patchwork of state and local laws. Before establishing a remote work model, be sure you understand the full impact of remote workers on your business.
Properly Classifying Workers
| Employment |
We all know there's a big difference between "independent contractors" and "employees" and there are significant consequences to getting the classification wrong. Before hiring anyone, be certain you understand the implications for your business and any new legal and tax obligations hiring someone creates.
What if Workers are Classified Wrong?
| EmploymentTax |
It's not uncommon to improperly classify employees as independent contractors. If you think a worker is classified wrong, there's a way to resolve that issue without undergoing an IRS audit.